Mid Back Pain Relief

The middle back is defined as the region anywhere between your neck and the bottom of your rib cage. Because the area is so large, chiropractic treatment for back pain is more varied than you might think. However, this area of the back contains bones that don't move as much as the bones in the upper or lower back areas, so injuries here are less common. The most common causes of middle back pain include:

  • Poor posture
  • Cracked/fractured ribs or vertebrae
  • Overused or stressed muscles and ligaments

The most common middle back pain symptoms are:

  • Weakness in your extremities, like arms and legs
  • Incontinence
  • Sharp, dull or burning pain
  • Stiff muscles or joints

Some of these symptoms are more serious than others, so it's best to seek out chiropractic treatment for back pain as soon as possible.

Middle Back Pain Treatment

Sometimes, all that's needed for your middle back pain treatments is a simple realignment of your spine, to help ease the pressure on your joints and ligaments.

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